Soft, luscious and breathable why traditionally India has only used cotton muslin for their babies

Soft, luscious and breathable why traditionally India has only used cotton muslin for their babies - Block Hop India

If you are a new mother, chances are you might have done a lot of research on ‘how to take care of your baby’? Well, this ‘taking care’ includes tons of things from choosing the right baby foods to the right way to clean your baby, and from maintaining oral hygiene to soothing fabrics to use. The one question that haunts every parent the most is choosing the right fabric for the baby. A fabric that is soft and breathable. To all the concern surrounding your baby’s fabric ‘cotton muslin’ is the answer. The soft and luscious fabric is what traditional Indian mother choose for their babies.

What is cotton muslin?

Cotton muslin is one of the softest and breathable fabrics produced using plain weave. The fabric is handwoven with smooth yarns. It is believed that muslin was originated decades ago in Dhaka (present-day Bangladesh). Even though in India, the fabric was produced in Orissa and Bengal, the ones that were produced in Dhaka was the finest one. There are also various theories behind the origin of the name. One of the popular theories is that the fabric derived its name from Mosul, a city located in present-day Iraq. The Europeans encountered the fabric first in Mohul and hence the name. The fabric in Mosul was exported from India. It is also said that apart from wearing the fabric, it was also used by women to cover their babies.

What makes cotton muslin best for babies?

The soft and breathable fabric is ideal for your babies. The fabric is durable and stretchable and hence can be used in a multiple-way for your babies, from using it as nappies to bedsheets and from as a cleaning cloth to a comforter. The fabric is suitable for your babies in all Indian weathers. The climate is humid throughout the year in most parts of India, cotton muslin helps to keep your baby cool by allowing the air to flow in. Also, muslin becomes softer after each wash keeping the original colour intact.

Not just clothes, a few decades ago even diapers were made from cotton muslin fabric. These diapers were eco-friendly and did not cause any harm to the babies. Plus, it was cost-effective.

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