Why should you use organic cotton for your baby?

Why should you use organic cotton for your baby? - Block Hop India

A baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive as compared to adults. It is said that your little one’s skin is about 30 per cent thinner than you, making him/her more likely to develop skin issues including itchy or inflamed skin. He/she is more likely to develop skin condition even in a slight change in the temperature. It is always advised to treat a baby’s skin with extra care. Even the fabric you use for your baby has an effect on their skin. It is recommended that your baby always wear organic cotton clothes as it limits the exposure to the chemicals in the fabric and toxic in the environment. The best part? It keeps your baby a lot more comfortable.

Here we list five reasons why you should prefer organic cotton for your babies.

Prevent skin allergies and health conditions

Since your baby’s skin is delicate, it increases the risk of developing skin allergies or infections. The process of producing organic cotton is chemical and toxin-free. This reduces the chances of your baby developing any skin conditions, including baby eczema. Other fabrics are processed in chemicals that irritate your baby’s skin. Your baby’s delicate skin might absorb chemicals, thus exposing your little one to a number of health conditions such as obesity, autism, asthma etc.

Environment-friendly fabric

If you are someone who wants to reduce your footprint on the environment then the organic cotton fabric is what you must choose. Organic farming is environment friendly as it does not make the usage of any chemicals, fertilizers or harmful substances. The seeds used are neither genetically modified nor treated with any fungicides. This type of farming does not contaminate the land and water.

Saves money

We agree organic cotton fabrics are slightly expensive as compared to other fabrics. The cost is higher taking into consideration the process that does not include the usage of any chemicals, fertilisers or dyes. The toxin and chemical-free procedure make it less vulnerable for the fabric to break down. This makes the fabric durable and it stays the same even after several washes. So, no matter how often your baby makes his/her clothes dirty and how often you wash them, the fabric does not change the shape and colour.

Difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton

Though both the materials are termed ‘cotton’, the process – from the seeds used to dying – of each is different in a number of ways. To start with, let’s talk about the process. The conventional​​ cotton fabric uses harmful chemicals. And these fabrics are not completely free from toxic substances and chemicals even after its production. It means when your little one wears conventional fabric, he/she is actually wearing chemical-ridden fabric that is harmful to your baby’s delicate skin. While organic cotton farming involves a lot of complex procedure. From seeds to the harvesting process, everything is organic and closely monitored. Hence, organic cotton is a safe option for your baby.

If you really want to keep your baby healthy, then organic cotton must be your go-to fabric. It is always best for your baby to wear comfortable and breathable clothing.

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